Canada’s Second Tier News Media Invited to Contribute

to the National Awareness Campaign 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor    


If the country’s mainstream media didn’t abdicate what is arguably a constitutional responsibility to act as one of the main checks and balances on the abuse of political power, there would be no Chinese joint sovereignty; there would be no massive monopolization of the economy and wealth embezzlement of hundreds of billions of dollars for the benefit of old money families and totalitarians and triads. Political leaders and their cabinets, the super-wealthy and their corporations, banks and investment firms and the administration of justice, especially nationally operating law firms that dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s of economic activity would never have dared to engage in domestically and internationally unlawful conduct. 



There’s no point in calling the largest news organizations in Canada because they’re complicit or loyal to the kinds of interests documented in The Sidewinder Report.   They were in fact responsible for the study not triggering a national discussion and debate in 1997 when it was leaked.  They suppressed it in the predictive knowledge a firestorm of protest would ensue in which the friends and associates of the so-called media barons would be held to account.  Now close to a decade and a half later their involvement in a conspiracy of silence with the Senate, NDP and Bloc prevents reform and accountability through them and an appeal is being made to the country’s non-mainstream newspapers.  



As the plethora of organizations invited to strategize and effect the national awareness campaign to expose this unconstitutional and domestically and internationally unlawful conduct finish their due diligence, calls were made to dozens of newspapers that have local and regional audiences.  When linked together their collective reach will be an adequate substitute for what the likes of the National Post and Globe & Mail would otherwise deliver in terms of the national spotlight of transparency.  When combined with press conferences held by some of the most respected private sector organizations in the country and hundreds of thousands if not millions of Canadians expected to be protesting in the streets, the rest of the citizenry, some 30 million, will learn about what’s been successfully concealed for three decades.  They’ll be livid in the extreme and demand fundamental reform and full accountability for everyone complicit and loyal to this institutionalized nefarious activity.  



It’s worth recalling two events that are indicative of what can be expected in terms of the immediacy, intensity and longevity of public reaction.  The 2002 sponsorship scandal led to the fall of the Liberals in the January ’06 election – and that corruption pales in comparison in kind and degree to these circumstances.  And more recently while politically insignificant, one news report triggered a kind of rage that will be amplified a thousand fold: What to Expect When Thirty Million Canadians Discover Chinese Joint Sovereignty, Economy Monopolization and Multi-Hundred Billion Dollar Wealth Embezzlement.


List of News Media Invitees


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